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Feb 2020 my grandfather transitioned from this earth and my heart broke. My health instantly started to go down hill.

Prior to his passing, I had been going in and out of healthy eating, fasting, and meditation and then his transition made it clear that my health needed to be my priority.

I’ve been working with Queen Afua to be an Emerald Green Practitioner, focusing on holistic health. Everyday I gain more strength, clarity and my life is filled with abundance.

Holistic health has been a constant journey of detox and rejuvenation.

Who’s Got Morale is an organization that focuses on holistic wellness. In addition to group healing we encourage our community to take part in individual wellness coaching.

Self-care makes you stronger and ready for the service you were called to the earth to give.

Individual Wellness Coaching

Our wellness journeys vary based on the needs of each individual. We know that your health is the key to your success. WGM wants you to remember that your wellness is both mental and physical.

Every journey incorporates individual coaching sessions, a detox plan, and facilitated mindfulness exercises. WGM equips you with the tools to identify your point of pain and then redirect your energy to reach a space of peace and joy.

Our coaching sessions provide a safe space for individuals to ease into a healing process. We spend time together exploring life experiences and developing coping strategies for a holistic healthy lifestyle.


Rates: Online Individual Session $150 per hour  

            Click Here To Book

Food for Thought:

100% of the Afro-Feminine women WGM serves have no safe space to grieve and mentally & spiritually purge.

Need Something More?

If you are interested in volunteering, collaborating, or simply ask a question, feel free to contact us via email.

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