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Who We Are

Who’s Got Morale (WGM) is a tri-functional organization committed to creating healing modalities for underserved communities.

WGM was launched in 2015 as an adaptive school-based support to underperforming Black and Latinx students. Over the years we have evolved into a comprehensive entity that engages youth and adults in conflict resolution, self-healing, and restorative interventions.

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provide culturally sensitive experiences to those who have direct impact on the lives of children (i.e parents and educators).  Who’s Got Morale supports healing from psychological trauma and ongoing stress triggers. We facilitate healing programs to combat cycles of generational suffering in order for young people and adults to actualize their highest potential.

Who’s Got Morale will...

Need Something More?

If you are interested in volunteering, collaborating, or simply asking a question, feel free to contact us via email.


The facilitators at Who’s Got Morale are the most genuine caring people I have ever met. Rayna is amazing with her healing work. She is passionate and will help you through any battles you may be facing.

~ Desyree

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