Courses & Trainings

Butterfly Innergy

Butterfly Innergy is a program created to facilitate self-affirming practices for women of color. During this course women will be stretched inwardly through a reflective therapeutic process. Participants will journey to moments in their past that has influenced the make-up of their psyche. Everyone follows a course of life based on the images of their past experiences; here we will confront those images and shift our destiny. Face to face with our selves we will change the narrative for a better life, filled with bliss, light and love. Participants will share self-assurance methods to reverse defeating episodes that may arise day-to-day. We will transform self-deprecating language to insight healthy psyches for a renewed sense of self.

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Sunflower Complex

Sunflower Complex: Sunflower Complex is a program created to teach Afro-American young woman about the importance of aligning the 7 chakras within the body. During this course young women will be exposed to a bundle of healing modalities to add to their wellness toolkit. Each healing modality will be the catalyst that transports participants to a serene domain for guided writing therapy processes. Participants will take a deep journey aligned to a chakra energy (root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and crown) at each session with writing exercises as the conductor. Through an analysis of the writing responses participants will pinpoint the source of their most prominent emotion and learn how to associate their emotion to the highlighted chakra. Then the healing modalities will be used to balance each chakra energy before transporting back to our new reality.

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Lightwork: School Climate Change

Lightwork: School Climate Change is a training program, created to integrate authentic culturally sensitive and trauma informed practices within a school community. “Healing self, each other and our community” is the motto for this training series. School-wide structures will be developed to produce the most optimal environment for Black and Latino students to have a culturally healthy educational experience. The 16 sessions encompass professional development and one-on-one coaching for administrative teams and teachers. Participants will define culture through the lens of students and families. Educators will be pushed to identify their own biases and unpack how their biases impact instruction. Administrators will undergo intensive self-awareness processes that allow them to separate their own trauma to better serve the school community. Facilitators will coach teachers to navigate cultural differences as well as provide concrete strategies for building authentic relationships with students and families to improve academic achievement.

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Key Objectives

  1. Construct ways to create family-time on a weekly basis

  2. Traditional and non-traditional ways of dealing with family issues: both internal and external conflicts

  3. Work together to create affirming family rituals: daily, weekly, and monthly 

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Activities For a Healing Family


Strategies For Raising Teenage Boys

Key Objectives

  1. Expand routines for boys that develop self-confidence and self-discipline 

  2. Charter ways to create and hold young men accountable to their word, their actions, and to their family mission 

  3. Celebratory rituals that honor the development stages for boys

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